Born in Visalia, California, Jennifer has been an active member of the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. She arrived in LA at the age of 19 and became the lead singer of a successful folk-rock band, lauded as the “Fleetwood Mac of the 90’s”. the Extinct, a band that shared the stage with Stone Temple Pilots (rehearsal space too), No Doubt, Incubus, Dramarama, Fishbone, Maroon 5 (Kara’s Flowers), Alien Ant Farm as well as many other successful acts of the 90’s. Jennifer was integral in securing a deal for her band with Sony Publishing.

Jennifer was also sole producer and curator of The ATN Showcase, which ran during SXSW for nine years. It was the largest and longest-running independent showcase in SXSW history, so far.

In early 2008, Jennifer turned her focus to actor management and by late 2008 had a roster of 11 clients. In 2009, Jennifer joined forces with Bohemia Group, one of the top talent management companies in the industry. Over the next 6+ years, Jennifer amassed a roster of nearly 80 clients and held the title of Executive Vice-President for Bohemia Group. In late 2015, she launched her own management company, ATN Entertainment, with the goal to create and contribute to the success, livelihood and happiness of her clients, while servicing them with the highest level of integrity.

Jennifer’s experience, expertise and work ethic make her one of the most respected and sought after talent managers in the business.

The All Together Now Showcase at SXSW

Jennifer’s “other life” – veteran of the indie music scene, Jennifer Aurianne DaRe was producer, host and curator of the All Together Now Showcase at the world-renowned South-by-Southwest music conference. The ATN Showcase would receive upwards of 750 submissions annually from cutting-edge acts from all over the world.

Jennifer was responsible for booking each act, coordinating their itineraries and schedules, and working closely with labels, agents, managers, and publicists to ensure each band received the best possible exposure and positioning.

“The All Together Now Showcase at SXSW is one of the most diverse musically, with a reputation for curating both unknown bands and those on their way to being the next big thing.” — Dennis “The Menace” Scheyer, KUSF
“Jennifer DaRe’s SXSW showcase was a wonderful and smooth-running experience. The sound, venue and professionalism of Ms. DaRe and her staff was amazing.” — Warren Huart, VP Swing House

“Nobody has a better ear for knowing the difference between good and great musical acts than Jennifer DaRe.” — Will Hartman, Broadcast advertising copywriter, Ogilvy & Mather

Jennifer amassed a number of long-term relationships and connections with labels including Universal Republic, Universal Motown, A&M/Octone, ATO Records, Warner Bros, Sony, Redbull Records, and many more. She has close ties with prominent booking agencies including CAA, ICM, APA, WME, as well as numerous boutiques. Jennifer’s experience, expertise and work ethic made her one of the most respected and sought after music curators and showcase producers in the business.

Rudy Primeau – Manager

Rudy’s interest in the film industry began at a very young age, and he took every video production class available in middle and high school. He participated in every film competition he could while in college. He tacked on a law degree with a focus in Entertainment and Sports after college and started working in the legal field for a few years in Virginia. After two years of drudgery, he packed his bags for Los Angeles. He started with Tangerine Talent in 2015 and within a year had helped build a previously non-existent Theatrical Division, before jumping sides to management with Stefan Jacobs at Catapult Management in early 2016. He joined ATN in September of 2016 and is excited to pursue new opportunities with this amazing team.


Stephen Belden – Manager

Born in Canton, Ohio, Stephen Belden studied Film and Screenwriting at Ohio State University. After moving to Los Angeles Stephen started his career in entertainment at Sovereign Talent Group where he quickly worked up the ranks to become an agent in the Commercial and Theatrical Development department. With a desire to utilize his creative eye and work on a more personal level with actors, Stephen is incredibly excited to facilitate the success and happiness of his clients as a manager at ATN Entertainment. His other loves in life include playing guitar and drums, healthy amounts of television and film consumption, and a good IPA.

Eva De Gregorio, Office Manager & Assistant to CEO

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She always dreamt of living overseas. This was accomplished by the age of 18 when she moved to Adelaide, Australia in February 2011 to get a Bachelor of Communications with an emphasis on Film and Television from the University of South Australia.

In 2014, she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in Hollywood, interested in eventually becoming a producer. However, after a year of working at ATN, she’s pursuing a career as a Talent & Literary Manager.

Fun fact – she’s fluent in Spanish and French.

ATN Entertainment's goal is to create and contribute to the success, livelihood and happiness of our clients and to do so with the highest level of integrity.